Delicate Elegance

Santaluz Lingerie was born from women´s desire to feel beautiful and elegant in their intimacy Delicated handmade fabrics, sublime colours and unique designs that honour your body For women that are looking for quality, individuality and elegance. Santaluz Lingerie was born to satisfy the refined eye of discerning clients who required products of alluring beauty and exceptional quality. The ambition of Santaluz Lingerie is to create underwear that unites comfort, beauty and sensuality dressing women in refined, yet delicate elegance. The head-office of Santaluz Lingerie is in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and another office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Santaluz Quality

Santaluz Lingerie is produced by women for women. We understand that it is important to create a range of products to accentuate your beauty. They include: Underwear in a full range of cupe-sizes Uplifting designs to excentuate shape Sporting models to provide superior support.

Sales & Importation

In two years of operation, Santaluz Lingerie has grown at an unprecedent rate. Santaluz Lingerie is also avaiable internationally in USA, Chile and around Europe.